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Bookware 3000 Bookstore Management Solution
Course Planning

The Course Planning program enables you to easily create an organized course structure to which you can assign textbooks, facilitating textbook ordering for each term. Bookware calculates what percentage of enrolled students have purchased the item for a course in the past and displays this sell-through analysis when each item is assigned to a course to help your course planners make their buying decisions.

When the courses and textbooks have been entered, Bookware generates requisitions for the books according to course, department, term or campus.

Course Planning is integrated with Booksaurus, a used book buy-back program, so that any used books which are required for courses can be bought back by your cashiers through BookwarePOS.


Multi-level course structure
Historical sell-through anaylsis
Email the instructor from Course Planning
Shelf lists
Shelf labels
Integrated with the Requisitioning program
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